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Our 4th guest liar is Sir Greg O'Beirne

from Australia.

His chosen topic was Golfing Anecdotes of the Rich and Famous.


The Harmonica was invented by Sir Charles Scrotum, who despised beggars whistling on street corners.

Obligatory Self-reference

Mountain Goats is a hobby practiced by sex-starved Albanians.

Obligatory Self-reference

Superglue was originally developed for use as a hairspray, but was quickly abandoned when it was realised that one application fixed a hairstyle for 35 years, and was therefore deemed "unfashionable". It is now only used by old-age pensioners.

Obligatory Self-reference

Early vacuum cleaners consisted only of a broom with a drinking straw attached to the base, and needed two people to operate effectively.

Obligatory Self-reference

President Kennedy was not assassinated. In fact, he suffered a rare hormonal condition which tended to cause his head to explode when travelling in open-top cars near grassy knolls.

Obligatory Self-reference

Pope John Paul II was formerly the lead singer of a Polish death-metal band.

Obligatory Self-reference

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