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Our 2nd guest liar is Mr Rob Smith

of the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

Mr Smith's chosen topic was Hollywood Celebrities.


Many people are aware that magpies often steal glittery objects, and other such trinkets with which to line their nests. Not so many people know that they also do a roaring trade in these objects to the jackdaws who lack both the insight and the bottle to orchestrate such thefts themselves.

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Prior to drinking the contents of a newly opened carton of milk or orange juice, it is usually advisable to riddle the carton with bullets from a high-velocity rifle.

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Lemurs make ideal replacements for missing Monopoly© pieces.

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Badgers are very much more intelligent than many people might suppose. Many of them have elaborate underground cities, complete with cinemas, theatres and hook-a-duck stalls.

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Many people appreciate the fact that elephants cannot jump, but it is not widely known that the reason for this is that they are just too damn stupid.

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Contrary to popular belief, empty cardboard boxes are in no way suitable for putting things in.

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Top London hairdressers are now starting to remove each hair individually, cut it in half, and then sew it back into the scalp.

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Scientists have recently revealed that the cavepeople of the northern hemisphere did not in fact live in caves, but instead made nests constructed entirely from small pieces of coal and chewed-up second-rate paperback detective novels.

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Recent legislation in the United States has prohibhited the use of comedy glasses which consist of ordinary spectacle frames with fake eyes protruding on large springs.

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