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A Random Lie

This lie was chosen by Mrs. Adina Muggeridge especially for viewers with leprosy.

last monday we found out maddona is actually 25 years old and when she was 21 she went on the programme: ten years younger that made poeple realise how old she used to look. she made a fake one so that poeple think she is 49 years old. people discovered it and reported it to the CNN news every body is now very anry and ennoyed with her. this will be shown on the CNN news and bbc news on tuesday 3:30am. the goverment is thinking of making her and up as a tramp or maybe put her in a scary street but further imformation will be shown on CNN and bbc news.

Source: jenephor mcpheen
Submitted on Monday the 7th of July 2008
Obligatory Self-reference
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