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The lie of today, Monday the 1st of March 2021


Hello: No lie... The editors of The-Big-Brain, a brand new internet directory located at (URL removed) have been scouring the web for months to find 500 great sites to list in The-Big-Brain first...before any other sites are eligible for inclusion. Your site is among the best we encountered in its category, and it is one of our 500 overall favorites. To get it listed on The Big Brain, just go to (URL removed) and click on "website submission form". The form will take you less than a minute to submit, and there is no submission fee. And, here is more good news. Our editors like your site so much that they have selected it as a Big Brain Five Star Website...an honor given to only the top 10% of the websites reviewed. To get the code for the award banner you are entitled to display on your website, go to (URL removed). The Big Brain, as we have told you, is new. But, like all of our other websites, it will have a Google PR of 5 (or higher) and top ten SEO rankings within 6 months. Thus, in addition to the prestige of your Big Brain award, your listing in The-Big-Brain can boost your search engine rankings (in all search engine) and bring you increased traffic. Please accept our congratulations on the quality of your site and our best wishes for continued success. Dan

Source: Dan Rosenfield
Submitted on Sunday the 4th of January 2009
Obligatory Self-reference
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Last updated Dec 19, 2009